Keith Weaver

Retired engineer Keith Weaver, who has always been an avid reader, can now indulge his passion for writing. In his work, he manages to integrate his technical background, his interests in the history of civilization, ideas, and technology, and his fascination with philosophy. Among the many activities he enjoys are cooking, cycling in Europe, making bread, and wine tasting at vineyards. An Uncompromising Place is his first novel.



An Uncompromising Place

An Uncompromising Place

Richard Gould was looking forward to his retirement, to spending at least part of his time in the heritage home he had renovated in a quiet village in Ontario, and particularly to his major project—bringing a ruin back to its former glory as a flour mill.

The Recipe Cops

It’s been a rocky couple of weeks for Jim Sanford. He’s had to deal with two life-changing deaths – first his mother, and then the man who combined father figure and best friend since his boyhood.

Balsam Sirens

Balsam Sirens

For Mark Whelan, Private Investigator, it all begins in a sombre but entirely unremarkable way: a visit to the morgue to provide moral support to a client as he formally identifies his brother.

Un endroit sans compromis

Un endroit sans compromis cover

Richard Gould anticipait avec plaisir sa retraite, à passer au moins une partie de son temps dans la maison ancestrale qu’il avait rénovée dans un village tranquille de l’Ontario, et plus particulièrement à son projet principal, celui de restaurer de vieilles ruines au bord d’une rivière, à la s