Winner's Loss

August 2017

In the fertile artistic milieu of 1927 Toronto...

After winning the commission to paint a war memorial mural for Christ Church Grange Park, Nora Britton is found dead on the church floor. An accidental fall from the scaffold she was working on? So it seems, until police detective Paul Shenstone discovers that she has been the subject of parishioners’ death threats. Shenstone’s sleuthing takes him from slum to mansion, from speakeasy to laboratory to artist’s studio. The dead Nora becomes his obsession. His list of suspects keeps lengthening as he discovers in his city unexpectedly virulent religious and ethnic hatreds. His toughness, brains, and marksmanship will all be tested in his fight to do Nora justice.


Mel Bradshaw

Mel Bradshaw

A Toronto native, Mel Bradshaw ( holds degrees in philosophy from Oxford and U of T, where he was film editor of The Varsity. He has taught English in Canada and Southeast Asia and has published crime novels set in three different eras.