The Domestic Archaeologist

The Domestic Archaeologist Cover
October 2017

Open the door to the unique world of professional organizer and declutterer Stephen Ilott. A self-professed domestic archaeologist, Stephen loves digging into others’ lives and helping them look inwards and organize outwards past their clutter. In this candid and often hilarious account of his career, he describes the roadblocks and challenges, the accomplishments and delights, the lives changed and how he’s been changed as he tells stories that resonate with wry humour, passion, and familiarity. Stephen details his unorthodox career from its rocky beginnings to its mid-point, where he finally carves out a rare niche for himself, leveraging his creative energies and ideas to the fullest, and finds himself loving every new door he opens — almost.


“Stephen has a rare ability to see the humour in the heart of the human spirit, and he describes his adventures in decluttering with a huge amount of compassion and a keen sense of the ridiculous. This is a delightful read, and it is guaranteed to please. Brilliant book!” — Susan Crossman: writer, editor, Crossman Communications

“Stephen is the Wayne Gretzky of declutterers.” — Gary MacLean, real estate agent

“In your hands right now you are holding a most unusual, intriguing, and powerful book about organizing and decluttering. And it’s a hoot.” — Rick Green, writer, satirist, actor, and television producer