Research for Europe

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December 2017

Research for Europe: A resources toolbox for Ontario exporters is a guide to secondary research sources that will help you build your strategy for exporting to Europe. This guide includes descriptions and links to more than 500 sources, including more than 220 sector-specific resources. It covers government programs, collections of market research, European statistics sources, European company directories, tools to find tariffs and regulations, trade show sites, and funding support for market research. The sources are all practical, current, and from reputable publishers, and most are free. 


After the export plan, market research can be the most important contributor to your international success.

—Global Affairs Canada, in “The Step-By-Step Guide to Exporting”, 2016

Canadian companies have an edge in Europe with CETA—this comprehensive toolbox of resources is a great place to start your planning for this huge export market.

—Peter Myall, Economic Development, City of Toronto

When I started researching the export market for my product, a natural pain relief cream, Maggie introduced me to many useful resources that are helping us expand into other markets. It’s easier than it might seem.

—William Burley, World’s Best Cream


Maggie Weaver

Maggie Weaver has been a business librarian, self-employed and traditional, all her working life; in the past 20 years, she has focused on international trade, both export and import.